Orientation-/ Wake up Aid

Wake-up assistance for dementia patients for memory care and activation


Orientation/ Wake up Aid

The invention is a wake-up aid for dementia patients.

Sensors are attached to the bed of the person with dementia that allow physiological data to be measured. The playback device with wake-up detector supports the person in remembering life circumstances and helps to orientate again after sleep.

Short description of the invention

The sensors of the wake-up aid are attached to the patient's bed and record relevant physiological parameters such as heart rate variability (HRV) and the ECG (electrocardiogram), which measures the electrical activity of the heart.

This automatically activates a playback device immediately after a person with dementia wakes up. This playback device is used for activation and memory care after awakening and sends acoustic or also visual signals and messages that enable the person affected to remember information that is already known and familiar.

In this way, the orientation aid can also go hand in hand with fall prevention by shortening the phase of disorientation after awakening. The person can collect him/herself before trying to get up.

The playback of visual or audiovisual information can be done by an integrated display or by an external display, e.g. a conventional smartphone, a PC or a tablet PC. However, a television set can also be connected.

Advantages of the invention


Simple and reliable activation

The player activates automatically and reliably as soon as the person shows signs of waking up.

contactless function

The method works contactless and without sensors being firmly connected to the person. No cumbersome electrode arrangement on the patient's head and no great equipment effort are necessary.

Transmission of personalised/individualised information

The wake-up detector automatically conveys certain individually selectable and storable information with a personal reference. These are familiar to the person and are intended to activate the memory, such as the person's own name, the names of the persons caring for them or those of their own children. Information on the current whereabouts or orientation aids such as the way to the toilet can also clearly help the patient.

Effective and inexpensive

Easier to install and less expensive than complex alternative methods; Concrete activation effects are shown in contrast to conventional emergency call systems and dementia location systems.

Growing target group / increased need for solutions

The number of dementia cases and thus the target group for the dementia training tool is increasing: The number of affected persons will increase in Germany alone. The reason for this is demographic developments and approximately 3 million affected persons are expected by 2050. 

3D Visualisations


Property right


Type of protection: GER Patent
Reference number: DE 10 2013 103 955 B3
Date of registration: 18.04.2013

Main claim: A playback device for detecting a waking of a patient and for a subsequent automatic presentation of a specific acoustic information, comprising: - an ECG amplifier (11) for detecting an ECG signal of the patient, the ECG amplifier (11) having an input for connecting lead electrodes (3);- an HRV detector (21) for evaluating the ECG signal to thereby generate an HRV signal corresponding to a hertz rate variability (HRV); characterized by- a wake-up detector (22) for evaluating the HRV signal to detect therefrom the waking-up of the patient and to thereby generate a wake-up signal - a playback unit (24) to which the wake-up signal is transmitted and which is designed to retrieve the specific information from a memory after reception of the wake-up signal and to output or present it acoustically, wherein the playback unit (24) is designed to also retrieve and present visual information after reception of the wake-up signal.



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